I UK [tʃɑːns] / US [tʃæns] noun
Word forms "chance":
singular chance plural chances
a) [countable, usually singular] an opportunity for you to do something, especially something that you want to do
get/have a chance:

We work together whenever we get a chance.

the chance to do something:

Participants are given the chance to learn another language.

chance for:

The meetings are very short, so there is little chance for real discussion.

blow your chance informal (= have an opportunity but not use it well):

They've blown their chance of getting the money back.

given the chance (= if you had the opportunity):

What would you say, given the chance to talk to her again?

give/offer/provide a chance:

The show provides a chance for the public to look at all the latest software.

jump at/seize/grab a chance (= use an opportunity when it appears):

Gina got up to leave and Sam, seizing his chance, followed her out.

a second/another chance:

These players deserve another chance.

last chance:

I warned her that this was her last chance.

b) [countable, usually plural] used for talking about the opportunities that someone has in life

Unemployment is clearly associated with reduced life chances.

2) [countable/uncountable] the possibility that something will happen

The chance of rain is less than 20%.

a chance of (doing) something:

For the first time in 15 years, they have a realistic chance of winning an election.

chance (that):

Is there any chance they will reverse their decision?

a good/fair/slim chance:

There is now only a slim chance that a recession can be avoided.

not stand a chance (= be not at all likely to be able to do something):

He doesn't stand a chance of winning the tournament.

a fighting chance (= a chance to succeed if you try very hard):

We still have a fighting chance of beating them if we keep our minds on the game.

a fifty-fifty chance/an even chance (= a situation in which the chances of something happening or not happening are equal):

He had a fifty-fifty chance of surviving the operation.

3) [uncountable] the way things happen without being planned or expected

The results may simply be due to chance.

by chance:

It was simply by chance that Nicholson was cast in the film.

pure/sheer chance:

Pure chance had brought us together that day.

any chance of...?spoken used for asking someone to give you something or do something for you

Any chance of a cup of coffee, Steve?

(the) chances arespoken used for saying that something is likely to happen but is not certain

The chances are that I will be looking for a new job soon.

take a chance= take chances (on) — to do something even though it involves risk

Lorraine didn't know me but she took a chance on my honesty.

It is just not worth taking any chances.

fat I, lifetime

II UK [tʃɑːns] / US [tʃæns] verb
Word forms "chance":
present tense I/you/we/they chance he/she/it chances present participle chancing past tense chanced past participle chanced
1) [transitive] to do something even though you know it involves a risk

He stepped back and chanced a look at Martha.

chance it informal:

It looked like rain so I decided not to chance it and brought my umbrella.

2) [intransitive] mainly literary to do something in a way that is not planned
chance to:

Roger would have seen her if he had chanced to look round.

chance your arm/luckBritish

informal to decide to try to do something even though it may be dangerous or you may not succeed

Phrasal verbs:
III UK [tʃɑːns] / US [tʃæns] adjective [only before noun]
not planned or expected

a chance meeting/discovery/encounter

English dictionary. 2014.


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